• 第8回日本予防理学療法学会学術大会 英語演題募集

第8回日本予防理学療法学会学術大会 大会演題登録(英語演題)

The Conference of Japanese Society of Preventive Physical Therapy

Thank you for your submissions. The abstract  submission has been closed.


Call for Abstract

Before registration, please read carefully abstract submission guidelines described in this article and the information to be announced on the convention website at any time. Please note we are not responsible for any trouble caused by not reading the instructions.

Ⅰ. Application requirements

  1. Anyone is eligible for application as long as the research contributes to physical therapy.
  2. Although abstract registration is free in principle, those who are not members of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association who have a physical therapist license in Japan are required to pay the abstract registration fee of 10,000 yen (excluding tax) per person no matter whether the person is a principle presenter or a co-presenter. (Those who do not have a physical therapist license in Japan as well as those who have a physical therapist license abroad are not charged). Members who suspend their membership are also subject to the abstract registration fee payment.

Ⅱ. Restriction on application for the first speaker

  1. Abstracts that can be registered as a first speaker are up to 1 on each society. It is not possible to register the same subject multiple times or register similar subjects

Ⅲ. Application notice

  1. Please make sure that the contents of the abstract submitted and the actual presentation are not significantly different.
  2. Do not submit abstracts that are similar in contents or that are submitted to or published by other academic societies or magazines. If these facts are discovered after the adoption of the abstract, it may be canceled.
  3. Since the item [Ethical consideration, informed consent] is set as an independent abstract input frame for this conference, you can enter minimum facility names only in this field (eg: approved by Physical Therapy University Ethics Committee (approval number: ○○ ○○), etc.). Please consider the privacy policy, such as not describing information (person’s name, facility name etc.) that would be detrimental to the research subject in other fields.
    [Ethical consideration, informed consent] will be published in the abstracts as well as used for an abstract review, and it will be also included in abstract word count
  4. Please be aware that a resistant takes full responsibilities for all of the notes indicated above (item 1 to 3).
  5. The copyright of abstracts belongs to the association and the principle speaker. The abstracts will be published online.
  6. Basically, you cannot cancel registration after the abstract submission period or change the registered contents.
  7. When the principle speaker is not able to make a presentation, the co-speaker should make the presentation.
  8. We regard change of the presenter as a proxy presentation by the co- speaker. Only the principle presenter is able to register the presentation as lifelong learning points (points for presentation) of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association (neither double issuance nor sharing by speakers is possible).
  9. If you are unable to make a presentation on the day, please note that the registration of the speaker for the academic conferences next year including co-speakers may not be permitted.
  10. Please submit your application after obtaining the approval of the co- speaker. Please note that the co-speakers will take the same responsibilities as the principle speaker.

Ⅳ. Application

  1. Attention and Requests regarding use of E-mail
    1) All e-mails related to the abstract registration will be sent to the account with which the abstract was registered. We may send important notices, so please occasionally check your E-mail box. Therefore, please do not change E-mail address until the end of this conference.
    2) Please do not use mobile mail. If you use free E-mail service, please note that E-mails sent from the Preparation Committee may be classified as a junk mail.
    3) If you do not receive E-mail within approximately 7 days after the abstract registration, please contact: prevention.2021.11.13@gmail.com via E-mail.
  2. Membership number of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association
    The adopted abstract will be registered on My Page in the achievement record with your membership number if the principle speaker is a member. Therefore, when a member registers his/her account, please make sure to enter correct membership number in half-width character (8-digit number starting from 1) in the field. If incorrect number is entered, notice of the adoption / rejection of the abstract may be delayed greatly due to the confirmation process. For those who are not association members, it is not necessary to fill in this field.
    Please enter membership number of the co-speaker as well.

Ⅴ.Abstract Submission

(1)Period for Submission
Submission Opening at 08:00 on 1th (THU) April 2021
Submission Closing at 14:00 on 31th (MON) May 2021

(2)Please attach the registration form (Excel) and the abstract (Word)and send it to the following E-mail address.
Abstract registration E-mail address: prevention.2021.11.13@gmail.com

Ⅵ.Abstracts are invited in the following categories:

Select one from the category specified by the scientific society to which you register your abstract.

  1. Prevention of Frailty
  2. Prevention of Sarcopenia
  3. Prevention of Locomotive Syndrome
  4. Care Prevention
  5. Prevention of Osteoporosis
  6. Prevention of Fall
  7. Prevention of Dementia
  8. Recurrence Prevention
  9. Industrials
  10. Industrial Injury
  11. Sports Disorders or Trauma
  12. Nutrition Administration
  13. Deglutition
  14. Social Involvement
  15. Health Promotion
  16. Action-research in the Community
  17. Community-dwelling Elderly
  18. Disaster
  19. School Health
  20. School Education
  21. IOT, ICT
  22. Artificial Intelligence
  23. Infection Control

*Duplicate submission, such as the same abstract as in another session or the English translation of other submitted or published original abstract, is NOT allowed.
*The final presentation format may be different from your request. Whilst you may indicate your preferable format on your submission, the congress committee will assign to sessions depending on the result of the review.

Ⅶ.[NOTICE] Ethical Approval

You must ensure that your research was carried out ethically in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association.
In particular, regarding research that may invade privacy or affect human body, please specify that informed consent was obtained from the person in the field [Ethical consideration and Informed consent]
Also, if the research is approved by the ethics committee of the organization to which the speakers belong, please describe that in this field. If there is no such description, the abstract may not be adopted.

Ⅷ.Structure of an Abstract

(1)Abstract body [maximum 1,200 characters]
(2)Abstract body must be structured with the following headings:
【Background/Purpose】【Methods or Cases】【Results】【Discussion/Conclusion】
Do not modify the name of any heading.
In addition, you must enter the field of 【Ethical consideration, Informed consent】This part is NOT included as abstract body so this part does not count in the 1,200 characters
You cannot enter anything other than text (such as charts, movies, audio, etc.).

Use up to 3 words to describe your work.

(4)Maximums number of co-authors and affiliations
You may enter the name of affiliation for both first author and co-authors. Maximums number of authors’ name that you may enter is totally ten including first author and co-authors. Maximum number or affiliations that you may enter is totally ten.

Both principle speaker and co-speakers can register their institution. Use the shortest form for the institution name but avoid use of abbreviation. Also, exclude the corporate name and department name. When registering multiple abstracts from the same institution, please unify its name.

Ⅸ. Peer review policy

Abstracts submitted for “The 8th Conference of Japanese Society of Preventive Physical Therapy” are reviewed under the following peer review policy.

  1. Selection and registration of reviewers
    1) Candidate reviewers will be selected by the member subgroups of the Japanese Society of Physical Therapy Association, mainly from specialized physical therapists approved by the Japanese Physical Therapy Association considering their experience.
    2) A person who accepts registration as a reviewer selects subdivisions that he/she can review in the acceptance procedure.
  2. Reviewer allocation
    1) Two reviewers peer review one submitted abstract.
    2) A reviewer will not be allocated to the abstract of which the reviewer is the speaker (both principle and co-speaker) as well as the abstract submitted from the institution to which the reviewer belongs.
  3. Peer review criteria
    1) Rating: The reviewer scores the following seven items according to separately defined criteria with a 5-stage ordinal scale.
    (1) Originality
    (2) Contribution to physical therapy development
    (3) Abstract contents : “Abstract title and keywords”
    (4) Abstract contents: “Background and purpose”
    (5) Abstract contents : “Methods” or “Case”
    (6) Abstract contents: “Results”
    (7) Abstract contents: “Discussion and Conclusion”
    2) Subject Classification: The member subgroup decides whether the subdivision classification is appropriate.
    3) Comment: the whole impression and advice etc. can be described in free-writing form.
    4) [Ethical consideration, informed consent] of the abstract is peer reviewed and examined at each member subgroup.
  4. Acceptance / Rejection
    Acceptance or Rejection will be decided by the academic conference director in the end after the review by the preparation committee.
    Please note if you do not agree with the peer review policy, you cannot register your abstracts

Ⅹ. Appraisal of abstract

  1. The adoption of the abstract will be decided by the academic conference director in reference to the results made by the preparation committee.
  2. The result of the appraisal will be notified by E-mail to the registered E-mail address.
  3. The results of appraisal will be informed by early July, 2021.
  4. The adopted abstract cannot be canceled. In principle, changes in the contents of the presentation after the registration period cannot be accepted for any reason.


We only accept contacts by E-mail. However, please refrain from using mobile phone mail.

  1. The 8th Conference of Japanese Society of Preventive Physical Therapy;
    Write “inquiries about the academic conferences” in the subject and include your name as well as contact information.
  2. The latest information of the conference and detailed instructions will be posted on the website below.